2017-18 Registration and status of a second school bus…

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Happy summer OPB families!

We are very excited to finalize this year’s neighborhood transportation so that we can all begin this school year in a safe and efficient manner. We will be reaching out to you very soon with details about the final part of registration for the New Eastside’s Ogden Pay Bus for the 2017-18 school year. Details regarding final payment amount and instructions as to how to make that payment will be sent via email in the next week or so, just as soon as the parent volunteers can sew up loose ends and conclude final arrangements, to make this final process run as smoothly as possible.

To those families that were placed on the waiting list, there will NOT be a second bus. We’ve contacted the school administration, reached out to all of the management offices of buildings in our neighborhood, and did everything we could to drum up enough advertisement/interest for the 2017-18 school year, but the response was lower than we’d hoped and we simply do not have the numbers to contract for a second bus. For those families left in this predicament after missing the initial deadline, we wish that the outcome could be different, but we are at our limit of riders for one bus and no further exceptions will be made.

Considering the 9 years of valuable learning experience of many of the OPB parent volunteers, while witnessing the challenges arising due to having more than 2 children per seat, we are NOT willing to take any risks with overcrowding. Safe, comfortable and timely transportation to and from the two campuses are paramount, and we will not compromise on any of these principles.  This is non-negotiable, for the well-being of our children and the peace of mind of all OPB families.

The determination of maximum limit of students per school bus is based on our experiences in the past and situations of overcrowding we have witnessed in the past, including children and their bags crushed into a seat or children continually falling off into the aisle as the bus moves etc. Though the theoretical capacity stated on the bus seems quite large, in practice however it is very hard to comfortably fit more than two children to a seat, especially considering their larger book-filled backpacks, school projects and other personal items they must carry on any given day, as well as the need to accommodate children of different sizes, heights/leg-spans and ages comfortably. Ensuring a safe and comfortable ride for our children that takes these factors into account while organizing a group bus to fit various bell schedules, campuses and after-school activities has been a challenging task.

If you were too late to register for this year’s service, we are happy to refer you to the list of certified vendors (that we have worked with or called in the past to help us with the OPB routes) and other transportation options below. We hope this list is helpful with your own research. If you are trying to start your own group transportation, you might consider contracting a mini-bus through a certified CPS vendor below, depending on age/size of the children … we have found that children around the 4th/5th grade and up average over 5 feet tall and thus considered the size of an “adult,” especially with their back-packs, so you might want to keep that in mind when calculating bus size/seating, depending on the ages of the riders you need to accommodate):


Alltown Bus Services – (847) 674-0090

AM Bus Company – (773) 396-5556

Ammons Transportation  –   (773) 874-7777

BJ’s Transportation   –  (773) 238-4535

Sunrise Bus Services  –   (773) 378-1800

You can also check out the CPS Department of Transportation website for other questions about legal providers and guidelines for vendors.




Checker Taxi

Chicago Carriage

Metro Yellow Cab

List of Limo Services