Final part of registration is here!




Hello OPB families! We hope everyone has had a wonderful summer, and is now ready to complete the final stage of registration for the OPB 2017-2018 School year. Due to the challenges of declining ridership numbers in our neighborhood, the volunteers have had to come up with ways to make bus transportation both possible as well as affordable, and we are very happy to report that after negotiations with a few bus companies, we will be entering into a contract with AI again this year, and at a rate per family that was less than last year. Yay for savings and great news!

Here are some important things to consider:

If you submitted your application and deposit by the due date, yet are no longer interested in this bus service anymore, please let us know ASAP via e-mail so that we may accommodate children who are on the waiting list for this bus service. However, please remember that as per the terms of the original agreement signed by you, the $500 deposit is non-refundable.

For those families that submitted their applications and deposits by the due date, please check your email for the link and password for the full, detailed Bus contract with Ai. We need all parents to review that contact and then sign the Parent Transportation agreement:

Bus Contract 2017 2018 PART 2 to sign

Every year since the beginning of the OPB Service to our neighborhood, OPB Volunteers have signed the bus contract with our service provider on behalf of the all OPB families (or else each parent would have to appear in person and sign a separate contract with the bus company, per child, and imagine that logistical nightmare!) – this year is no exception, and volunteers have been able to secure this invaluable service and beneficial savings for those families that met the deadline in June.  But in order to finalize this last step in securing the bus contact, we need you to print out the Parent Contract above and submit it with your final payment.

Volunteers have received overwhelming support and gratitude for the way that the first part of registration transpired, giving parents the opportunity to turn in their forms and payment over a longer period (24/7 for many days, not limiting anyone from missing the deadline), instead of the long lines and wait in previous years. Due to popular demand, we are happy to report that the second part of registration will occur in the same easy fashion! The volunteers would like to thank Maya, who has so generously offered so much of her time (and use of her building’s front desk staff) to allow for this kind of easy access to facilitate this stress-free “no-lines, no-waiting, no-worry” registration processtaking on this huge responsibility and helping us to arrange this bus, with so many families and schedule needs, is a huge undertaking. We are grateful to Maya for all she has done to keep this OPB endeavor afloat.

Just remember that as long as you get your final payment and paperwork in by the deadline next week, you’re golden!

Here are the 4 important steps to follow:

  1. Payment for the remaining amount (disclosed in the emails to current OPB families) must be made only by Cashiers Check or Money OrderThe check or money order must be made  payable to AI Bus Services LLC.
  2. Click on this link to review the bus contract. This information is password protected and you will need to use the password given to you in your email to access it.
  3. After reviewing the bus contract, we need your signature to confirm that you have reviewed the contract above and agree to have the volunteers sign the contract representing all of us. The parent agreement has been e-mailed to you or is attached in the link above or HERE, and must be signed and turned in with your payment.
  4. Please deliver your money order/cashiers check and the signed parent agreement to: 450 East Waterside Drive (The Chandler) , Attention: Maya Tatineni, Unit 908, by Friday August 18th, 5 P.M

Again, please check your emails. All details have been sent to the families that made the deadline back in June, but please remember that anyone who fails to get their paperwork in by the deadline of 5pm on Friday, August 18, will forfeit their deposit and spot, and your child’s spot will be given to someone on the waiting list. If for some reason you are out of town or can’t make this deadline, please contact right away.

The Ogden Pay Bus volunteers wish to thank you for your continued cooperation as we all prepare our children for entering into another exciting school year at Ogden International – there are great things ahead, and the sooner we tie up registration loose ends, the sooner we can start off this new school year in the best way possible.

Make sure to get your final payment, Parent Agreement and any other requests (check your email to see if anything has been overlooked or requested from you) ASAP, and once your final payment and paperwork is received, you’ll hear from OPB volunteers about bus passes for the kids, updated route times, etc.

Thank you!

The OPB Volunteers