Cost update…not yet finalized!

Ogden New Eastside Families…

We have collected the responses to the headcount email. So far there are fewer reservations than expected causing the current fee calculation of approximately $1435 to be higher than estimated. While we feel the bus is a good value, we want to be as cost-conscious as possible.

We have discussed our options with the bus company and are brainstorming ideas to reduce the individual cost to families. While we continue to explore these options, we are delaying the distribution of final registration details until the week of registration, Monday, Aug 29, at the latest, so that we can offer the best individual price possible.

If you know of families in the New Eastside neighborhood who are interested in the bus but have not yet reserved a seat, please have them contact us at or forward the headcount email to them, because additional riders reduce the incremental cost to everyone.

Best regards…
Lynn Brahin
Susie Tanner