2017-18 Bus Schedule, Maps and Important Information!

Bus Back to school


Hello Ogden New Eastside Families!

The school year is finally here and now it’s time to make sure all OPB families and student riders review the bus stops, times, and other important information regarding this year’s OPB Service.

By now, you should be in possession of your Child’s personalized Bus ID. Make sure that the bus pass is securely attached to your child’s back pack so that the Bus Driver can see it easily.

AI Bus Service is written clearly on the side of our private pay bus, and will have a sign in the window by the door with the name “Ogden New Eastside Pay Bus” –  Make sure your child looks for these important markers before boarding the bus.

Here is the map of our neighborhood stops:

Bus Map 2016 18

Except for the 7am West Campus Route time and 7:55am East Campus Route time beginning at 155 Harbor Drive, The Ogden Pay Bus does NOT have an allotted time to arrive at each subsequent stop due to unpredictable traffic/weather or other unforeseeable factors. The bus will NOT sit and wait at each subsequent stop for all students to arrive before moving on to the next stop. The student MUST be ready to board the bus as it arrives, as we are operating this private bus service under very tight time restraints while sharing it between both campuses.

Word of caution: there have been instances where students missed the bus at stop #1, and yet were able to cross N. Harbor Drive and catch the bus at stop #4. Please remind your child to be mindful of the traffic hazards while crossing the street, if they are trying to catch the bus at another stop.


For the 2017-2018 school year:


The OBP will start the WEST CAMPUS morning pickup at 155 N Harbor (stop #1) at 7:00 AM, and then proceed in numerical order, before venturing on to the West Campus (arriving at the West Campus around 7:25am – Please see the maps/information below for more details if you have a child traveling to the West Campus).

The OPB will start the EAST CAMPUS morning pickup at 155 N. Harbor (stop #1)at 7:55 AM using the same pattern.  Please have your student at the stop and ready to board promptly. Make sure to review the map below with your child so they understand where the drop-off and pick-up takes place.


Our AI Bus will be waiting at the West Campus at 3:15 pm near the same location where students were dropped off in the morning (see maps below – on the north side of the school on E. Huron, near Door #6). West Campus students need to get to the bus as soon as possible after the final bell, as the bus is on very tight time constraints due to there being only one school bus this year for our neighborhood – the bus will wait until 3:20 pm and then leave to go to the East Campus, to collect the remaining East Campus OPB riders.

IMPORTANT: We recommend that West Campus OPB riders bring their back packs/belongings to their last period class, so that they can leave right from class and not miss the bus. If they miss the bus, they can take the 5 pm After School Activity Bus home.

The Bus will arrive at the East Campus around 3:40 PM  (depending on traffic/weather/etc) and wait near the corner of Dearborn and Oak, at the northwest corner of the school (near to where the students are dropped off in the morning). Be sure to notify your student’s teacher in writing that your student is riding the Ogden New Eastside Pay Bus so that your student will be able to wait near the Main Office for the Bus .Review the maps/information below for more details. Please note that due to the fact that we are sharing a bus between both campuses this year, and all the seats will be filled with students, parents/guests will NOT be able to take the Afternoon Dismissal bus home with their child.

ATTENTION NEW FAMILIES riding the OPB this year: We understand that the first week of school can be especially stressful for the kindergartners and new students who have never ridden the OPB before, who are unaware of where they are going or what to do after the final bell rings for the day. We are very happy to report that on the first day of school, there will be a couple of parent volunteers standing by the East Campus Main Office to help guide the kids as to where to wait and what to do, so the first day/adjustment period won’t be quite so stressful. After the final bell rings, your student should go right to the area near the security desk/main office. There will be a volunteer holding up a sign with a school bus on it that reads “New Eastside Ogden Pay Bus” so that the new students will know who to ask for help regarding our private neighborhood bus protocol at the East Campus.  Kindergarten OPB families should also be receiving an additional email from OPB Volunteers very soon regarding other ways we hope to work together to make the little ones acclimated with finding their way to the correct waiting area and become adjusted to it all.

 After School Activity Route

At 5:00 PM our AI Bus Service bus will pickup students in front of the school on E. Erie in front of door #1 (see the maps/information below). We recommend that students be waiting at door #1 by 4:55 pm, as the bus driver will not wait past 5 pm. The bus will then proceed to the East campus and pickup student at the regular spot at Dearborn and Oak on the northwest corner of the building. Students at East campus may remain inside the school and should be at the window overlooking Dearborn (see map below) watching for the bus by 5:15 PM. The bus will pull up and wait for a few minutes, then leave to return to the neighborhood.

Reminder about Right at School – We do not work directly with Right at School. If your student attends Right at School, be sure to notify that organization that your child takes the 5pm bus home, and you must work with Right at School to arrange that process.



For West Campus Families/students:

West Campus Bus Map 2017 18 with labels

Here’s another map of the interior of the school, if your child needs to get their bearings about what door to exit:

West Campus interior map 1

For East Campus Families/students:

East Campus Bus Stop Pic 2017 18 with labels and pic inset

Please take a moment to share these maps and information with your child. Remember that it is your and your child’s responsibility to be at their bus stops promptly. The bus does not circle back for students who miss the bus. If a student misses the bus, it is your responsibility to make other transportation arrangements. Also, if the bus is running late, you/your child can call the AI dispatch telephone number listed on the back of their Bus Pass to ask where the bus is, or what the estimated time of arrival is.

bus pass back 2017 18

If your child needs an escort when they get off the bus in the afternoon, please make sure that you or anyone who is picking them up is at the bus stop in time as the bus driver cannot be responsible for students once they disembark at their stop.

We hope everyone has a great school year!