New bus times for the 2016-17 school year!


Bus Map 2016 17

(Updated 9/5/16)



The bus begins at stop #1 and then moves along the route in numerical order. Due to traffic, weather or other factors, we are unable to specify exact times for each stop. We encourage students to arrive at their stop a little early, to make sure that they have ample time and are present when the bus arrives.

The bus will leave the neighborhood after the last stop and drive directly to campus. Students who are riding the bus will not be marked tardy even if the bus is delayed.

East Campus Drop-off is on Dearborn, directly north of Walton and south of Oak. In the mornings, students will be escorted up the ramp along the front of the school and into the main entrance.

West Campus Drop-off and dismissal is North of the school, east of the parking lot on W. Huron.

REMINDER: It is your student’s responsibility to be at the bus stops promptly. The bus does not circle back to pick-up students who miss the bus. If a student misses the bus, it is the responsibility of each family to make other transportation arrangements to get their student to and from school.

Neighborhood Bus Stops

The bus stops in order are:
1) 155 Harbor Drive
2) 175 North Harbor Drive
3) 450 East Waterside
4) 400 East Randolph
5) 360 East Randolph
6) 225 North Columbus


Students must have their bus passes to board the bus, especially in the afternoon at school. In the past, we’ve had a few students try to board our buses who did not belong. We were able to determine they were on the wrong bus because they did not have bus passes. Bus passes help ensure students are in the right place.


West Campus Drop-off and dismissal is North of the school, east of the parking lot on W. Huron.

East Campus Pick-up will be at the corner of Dearborn and Oak, on the northwest corner of the school. Susie Tanner will be at East campus for dismissal for the first few days to help students learn the routine. Please notify your student’s teacher in writing that for 2016-2017, your student will be riding the Ogden New Eastside Pay Bus.

Make sure your student knows at dismissal, they should walk west to the end of the main floor hallway (past the security desk) to the Dearborn/Oak street staircase in the northwest corner. Students should go down the stairs, exit the building and immediately get on the first bus parked on Dearborn.


After School Activity Route
At 5:00 PM an AI Bus Service bus should be waiting to pick-up West Campus students.

West Campus Students board this route in front of the MAIN ENTRANCE to the school at 1250 W. Erie in front of door #1. West campus students may remain inside the school and wait for the bus before leaving the building. The bus will proceed to the East campus and pick-up students at the same bus stop, at Dearborn and Oak, on the northwest corner of the school.

East Campus Students should be at the window watching for the bus at 5:05 p.m. The bus will pull up, wait a few minutes, then leave to the neighborhood.

J at School
We do not work or communicate directly with J at School. If your student attends J at School, be sure to notify them in writing or email that Ogden New Eastside After school activity bus home. It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to work with J at school to make those arrangements.

The arrival times at our neighborhood stops in the afternoon will depend on the traffic between school and home, and times may vary. Protests, Presidential Barricades, construction, weather and other unforeseen circumstances may alter return times.


In the event that the bus is running late and you or your child would like to call the company to see when the bus will arrive, here is the contact number (just tell the operator you are inquiring about the Ogden Pay Bus):

AI Bus Service


Each yellow school bus will have the company name on the side. There will also be a sign in the window by the front door saying, “Ogden New Eastside Pay Bus“.

Morning driver and bus number for both campuses, and the West dismissal bus is David, bus #106. The driver name and bus number for the dismissal route and after school activity route is Kendall, bus #112.


Bus Registration is here!


Thursday, September 1, 2016
6:00-8:00 PM
Top floor of Village Market Place
Inside near the top of the escalators
Between MingHin and Mariano’s

Ogden New Eastside Families…

As of today, our student headcount has reached 66 students. The total sum due to AI Bus Service is $91,800 for 180 days of service, including separate morning routes from the neighborhood to each campus, separate dismissal routes from each campus to the neighborhood, and a single combined after-school activity route from both campuses to the neighborhood. Based on the headcount, the amount due per student is $1,390.91.

The fees paid by any new students registering after this headcount will be collected and disbursed proportionally. We also continue to explore ways to make this service more efficient and to share that cost savings with you.

To complete registration, all items below must be completed and presented at registration:
Click here for the 2016-2017 New Eastside Registration materials

1) print, read, and complete Registration Form;

2) review bus rules with your child and both sign the terms of service;

3) a Cashier’s Check, Certified Check, or Money Order in the amount of $1,390.91 made payable to AI Bus Service LLC (no personal checks accepted);

4) $10 cash for student identification card;

5) verification of residency in the New Eastside, such as IL drivers license or IL state ID, current utility bill, lease, or condo assessment statement. We will not keep a copy of this information. We only need verification of residence in the neighborhood.

If you have any questions, just let us know.


Cost update…not yet finalized!

Ogden New Eastside Families…

We have collected the responses to the headcount email. So far there are fewer reservations than expected causing the current fee calculation of approximately $1435 to be higher than estimated. While we feel the bus is a good value, we want to be as cost-conscious as possible.

We have discussed our options with the bus company and are brainstorming ideas to reduce the individual cost to families. While we continue to explore these options, we are delaying the distribution of final registration details until the week of registration, Monday, Aug 29, at the latest, so that we can offer the best individual price possible.

If you know of families in the New Eastside neighborhood who are interested in the bus but have not yet reserved a seat, please have them contact us at or forward the headcount email to them, because additional riders reduce the incremental cost to everyone.

Best regards…
Lynn Brahin
Susie Tanner