Bus Schedule & Contact Numbers

The arrival times at our neighborhood stops in the morning and afternoon will depend on the traffic, and times may vary. Protests, construction, weather and other unforeseen circumstances may alter arrival and return times. Parents and students can call the AI Bus number on the back of your child’s bus pass if you want an ETA of the Bus you are waiting for.


Bus Map 2016 18



The bus begins at stop #1 and then moves along the route in numerical order. Due to traffic, weather or other factors, we are unable to specify exact times for each stop. We encourage students to arrive at their stop a little early, to make sure that they have ample time and are present when the bus arrives.

The bus will leave the neighborhood after the last stop and drive directly to campus. Students who are riding the bus will not be marked tardy even if the bus is delayed.

East Campus Drop-off is on Dearborn, directly north of Walton and south of Oak. In the mornings, students will be escorted up the ramp along the front of the school and into the main entrance.

West Campus Drop-off and dismissal is North of the school, east of the parking lot on W. Huron.

REMINDER: It is your student’s responsibility to be at the bus stops promptly. The bus does not circle back to pick-up students who miss the bus. If a student misses the bus, it is the responsibility of each family to make other transportation arrangements to get their student to and from school.

Neighborhood Bus Stops

The bus stops in order are:
1) 155 Harbor Drive
2) 175 North Harbor Drive
3) 450 East Waterside
4) 400 East Randolph
5) 360 East Randolph
6) 225 North Columbus


Students must have their bus passes to board the bus, especially in the afternoon at school. In the past, we’ve had a few students try to board our buses who did not belong. We were able to determine they were on the wrong bus because they did not have bus passes. Bus passes help ensure students are in the right place.



West Campus Drop-off and dismissal is North of the school, east of the parking lot on W. Huron.

Our AI Bus will be waiting at the West Campus at 3:15 pm near the same location where students were dropped off in the morning (see maps below – on the north side of the school on E. Huron). West Campus students need to get to the bus as soon as possible after the final bell, as the bus is on very tight time constraints due to there being only one school bus this year for our neighborhood – the bus will wait until 3:20 pm and then leave to go to the East Campus, to collect the remaining East Campus OPB riders.

West Campus Bus Map 2017 18 with labels

West Campus interior map 1


East Campus Pick-up will be at the corner of Dearborn and Oak, on the northwest corner of the school. Please notify your student’s teacher in writing that for 2017-2018, your student will be riding the Ogden New Eastside Pay Bus.

The Bus will arrive at the East Campus around 3:40 PM  (depending on traffic/weather/etc) and wait near the corner of Dearborn and Oak, at the northwest corner of the school (near to where the students are dropped off in the morning). Be sure to notify your student’s teacher in writing that your student is riding the Ogden New Eastside Pay Bus so that your student will be able to wait near the Main Office for the Bus .Review the maps/information below for more details. Please note that due to the fact that we are sharing a bus between both campuses this year, and all the seats will be filled with students, parents/guests will NOT be able to take the Afternoon Dismissal bus home with their child. 


East Campus Bus Stop Pic 2017 18 with labels and pic inset

5pm After School Activity Route for OPB Students

At 5:00 PM our AI Bus Service bus will pickup West Campus students in front of the school on E. Erie in front of door #1, by the West Campus MAIN OFFICE (see the maps/information above). We recommend that students be waiting at door #1 at 4:55 pm, as the bus driver will not wait past 5 pm. The bus will then proceed to the East campus and pickup student at the regular spot at Dearborn and Oak on the northwest corner of the building. Students at East campus may remain inside and should be at the window overlooking Dearborn (see map of East Campus above) watching for the bus by 5:15 PM. The bus will pull up and wait for a few minutes, then leave to return to the neighborhood.

Reminder about Right at School – We do not work directly with Right at School. If your student attends Right at School, be sure to notify that organization that your child takes the 5pm bus home, and you must work with Right at School to arrange that process.

The arrival times at our neighborhood stops in the morning and afternoon will depend on the traffic, and times may vary. Protests, construction, weather and other unforeseen circumstances may alter arrival and return times.


In the event that the bus is running late and you or your child would like to call the company to see when the bus will arrive, here is the contact number (just tell the operator you are inquiring about the Ogden Pay Bus):

AI Bus Service


Each yellow school bus will have the company name on the side. There will also be a sign in the window by the front door saying, “Ogden New Eastside Pay Bus“.


Are you new to visiting this blog, just moved to our neighborhood, too late to register for this year’s service, or interested in the vendors that are legally certified transportation providers for CPS in order to start your own group bus (we often get questions from other interested parents considering starting their own Paybus Service)? While the OPB is currently filled to capacity for the 2017-18 year (there is a waiting list if you’re interested, see the latest post for details and deadlines) we are happy to refer you to the list of certified vendors (that we have worked with or called in the past to help us with the OPB routes) and other transportation options below, to help you with your own research, if you are trying to start your own group transportation:

Alltown Bus Services – (847) 674-0090

AM Bus Company – (773) 396-5556

Ammons Transportation  –   (773) 874-7777

BJ’s Transportation   –  (773) 238-4535

Sunrise Bus Services  –   (773) 378-1800

You can also check out the CPS Department of Transportation website for other questions about legal providers and guidelines for vendors.

Our experiences in the past, regarding maximum limit of students per school bus, relates to experiences of dangerous overcrowding we’ve witnessed in the past (children and their bags crushed into a seat or falling off into the aisle as the bus moves), bus rules/safety and overall comfort of the children of various ages/sizes and needs being safely transported from one point to another. Given that it’s very hard to comfortably fit more than two children to a seat, especially considering their larger book-filled backpacks and other personal items they must carry on any given day … as well as accommodate children of different sizes, heights/leg-spans and ages comfortably — these have been our biggest challenges while organizing a group bus to fit various bell schedules, campuses and after-school activities. If you’ve stumbled upon our blog as you research this kind of service for your own neighborhood or needs, we wish you the very best as you navigate the various difficulties that may arise while implementing your new service. The Bus companies have been very knowledgeable in advising about regulations, size/seating limits and safety issues that may need to be addressed. Good luck!




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