5 pm After School Shuttle Service Is Now Available to ALL West Campus Families!

If you are an Ogden West Campus Family who has a student in grades 6 through 12, and your child wants to participate in West Campus After School Activities but doesn’t have a safe/reliable way to get from the West Campus back to the East Campus after the 3:15 dismissal shuttle buses have left for the day – WE HAVE A PERFECT SOLUTION FOR YOU!

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animated-bullet-14 We offer a daily shuttle service from the West Campus to the East Campus at 5pm.

animated-bullet-14 This bus serves grades 6 through 12.

animated-bullet-14 We use a CPS-approved provider.

animated-bullet-14 We offer convenient and safe transportation for students to the East Campus and peace of mind for parents, all at a reasonable cost.

The price for this service is:




If you are interested in this service, want to fill out an application or looking for more details regarding this 5pm After School Activity Shuttle, please email us at:



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