Important update on the OPB for 2017-18

Bus is full

Hello OPB Families!

All of the parent volunteers wish to thank the families that submitted their applications and deposits in by the deadline of June 9th. Every year, there is a certain element of the “unknown” in terms of rider numbers, as many students move on to other schools, move out of the neighborhood, and new families move into the neighborhood over the summer.  At this point, due to a large drop in registration for the Ogden Pay Bus, WE NO LONGER HAVE THE RIDERSHIP TO SUSTAIN A SECOND BUS.

So here is the current situation:

1. Those families that turned in their registration and deposits by June 14th will have a spot on the single Bus that will operate between the two campus and our neighborhood. That service will also include the 5 pm after-school route between the two campuses and our neighborhood stops. THIS BUS IS NOW FILLED TO ITS CAPACITY.

This does mean a slight alteration to the afternoon dismissal pick up.  At dismissal, the bus will first go to collect the West Campus students (who have an earlier dismissal time in the afternoon), proceed to the East Campus to collect those students, and then return all the students, together, to our neighborhood stops. Based on previous experiences with a single bus service for our neighborhood, this may add an additional 10 to 15 minutes to the return trip. All other bus routes and times will remain the same as before.

2. This Bus is now at full capacity, and no new students can be added because of the bus safety regulations set forth by the bus company, CPS and the State of Illinois. No exceptions can be made.

3.  Families that did NOT turn in their registration and deposits by June 14th, but are still interested in using the OBP (Ogden Pay Bus) Service, have two options:

Option 1: You may email us at and be placed on a waiting list. In order to sustain a second bus and keep costs between $1300-$1500, WE MUST GET AT LEAST 20 MORE STUDENTS. IF we reach 20 new registrants by July 25th, we will attempt to re-negotiate the contract with the bus company to make arrangements for a second bus and will inform you by early August if this is an option.

Option 2: You can forgo the OPB waiting list altogether and we can refer you to other bus companies so that you can arrange your own transportation. Those recommendations will be listed on the blog, to help you in doing your own research. Please remember that all transportation options must be legally vetted CPS Transportation vendors. We will provide you with the names and numbers of these companies, to make your search for transportation easier. Taxi, Limousine, Uber and Lyft are also viable options as well, especially if you find parents in similar situations within the neighborhood and wish to ride-share.  Check the blog at  for those helpful resources. (Please scroll to the bottom of the blog to find information on transportation options)

All of the OPB Volunteers wish to thank everyone who submitted their applications and deposits. More information about final cost per rider, the final part of Registration and other information will be released the first week in August for the OBP families that have made their deposit payments already.

We wish you a safe and wonderful Summer Holiday!

The Ogden Pay Bus Volunteers



Refunds for all OPB Families!



As the 2016-17 school year winds down, we need to take care of some important business – giving you a refund! After calculating final payments (new families moved into the neighborhood after our initial registration, bringing our collective cost per student down), we are happy to announce that disbursements will be available to pick up:

Monday, June 19
6:00-7:00 PM
Top floor of Village Market escalators

This year’s disbursement amount for each student is $75! This brings the final per student annual cost to approximately $1325, or $7.35 per school day (Students who joined after school began and paid a prorated total will receive a prorated amount back.)

If you are unable to attend the scheduled pick up time, please ask a trusted friend or family member to do so on your behalf. We want you to receive your money back in a timely manner!